Enterchained PC - Co-op mayhem

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Enterchained is a co-op gladiatorial combat game we made along with Yosha Noesjirwan. It began in a 48 hour game jam but has grown into the greatest co-op gladiator simulator ever made in a month (probably).

In it you and your teammate are chained together and must work together to take down waves of different enemies; we like to think of it as the synchronised swimming of the gladiatorial arena. Slash at your enemies, throw your weapon or use the chain to trip numerous foes; but make sure you coordinate your actions or you will end up shouting at your teammate for dragging you unarmed away from your dropped weapon or tripping you over in the middle of a group of foes.

As you master this graceful dance of death you will unlock powerful items which dramatically alter your play styles and (hopefully) turn you into the greatest gladiatorial team that ever existed.

Cunning Chain Trips

Brutal Combat

Risky Sword Throws

Enterchained Mobile - Gladiators on the go

Enterchained for mobile takes the frantic hack 'n' slash gameplay of the original PC release and combines it with a challenging quest system and gear unlocks for satisfying gladiatorial gameplay on the go.